Weight reduction

The ST185 is the heaviest GT-Four made - my Carlos Sainz weighs in at 1450 kg according to the chassis paperwork. Weight kills performance, hence I decided to take unnecessary weight out of my car. Below you find a list of parts and their weight. I'm not saying you can just remove these parts for better performance, but it might help you better understand your car's weight (distribution).

Part Weight (kg) Remarks
Carpet, boot 0.880
Cup holder 0.220
Panel, boot - left 1.335 Including interior light unit, excluding strut cover
Panel, boot - rear 0.935
Panel, boot - right 1.215 Excluding jack compartment panel and strut cover
Panel, jack compartment 0.145
Parcel shelf 2.980
Seatbelts, rear 2.120
Seat brackets, rear 0.860 5 pc.
Seats, rear 16.100 Leather, excluding brackets
Spare wheel 11.XXX Space saver, steel
Spare wheel clamp 0.120 2 pc.
Spare wheel cover 0.705 Excluding jack handle
Steering wheel 2.185
Strut covers, rear 0.110
Engine bay
Part Weight (kg) Remarks
Air box 1.180 Including air filter
Air box feed 0.190 Engine bay side only
Alternator scoop 0.310
Alternator snorkel 0.750 Including brackets
Battery lead (loom) 0.195 Negative terminal
Battery lead (loom) 0.245 Positive terminal
Battery clamp 0.245 2 pc.
Charcoal canister 1.360 Including brackets
Coolant pipe, turbo 0.340 Part of stock radiator setup, CS/GrpA Rallye/RC only
EGR piping 0.780 Piping and valves
Intake piping 0.995 Air box to turbo

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